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1940 1%
1940 1%
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Is this person a veteran of the United States military forces; or the wife, widow, or under-18-year-old child of a veteran?

39. If so, enter "Yes."
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607. Column 39. Is This Person a Veteran of the military Forces of the United States, or a Wife, Widow, or Under-18-Year-Old Child of a Veteran?-Enter "Yes" in col. 39 for a man who served in the military forces of the United States (Army, Navy, or Marine Corps) in time of war or peace. This will not include men who are now in the active forces of the United States or who performed all of their military service in the National Guard, the Army, Navy, or Marine Reserves, Reserve Officers' Training Corps, Citizens' Military Training Camp, or other branch not a part of the regular military establishment.