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1950 1%
1950 1%
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5. If no in item 4: Is this house on a place of three or more acres?
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Item 5. On place of 3 or more acres?

100. Item 5. When to ask.-If you enter "No" in item 4, ask item 5. If "Yes" in item 4, skip item 5. In urban areas, sometimes there will be places of 3 or more acres which are not thought of as farms. Agriculture Questionnaires are required for such places as well as for farms. When enumerating in urban areas, you may obtain the answer to item 4 by observation; ask item 5 only in case you are not sure whether the place is less than 3 acres.

101. House rented separately from tract of 3 or more acres.-If you find a house on a tract of 3 or more acres, which is occupied by persons who pay cash rent for the house and yard only, consider only the land rented with the house (not the entire tract) in determining whether the place has 3 or more acres.