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Health insurance purchased directly (original)


HINSPUR2, an incompletely edited variable, indicates whether, at the time of interview, persons were covered by a private health insurance plan purchased directly by themselves or by another family member.

User Note: HINSPUR2 is not fully edited. It is provided so that users can replicate analyses that use original ACS data. For a fully edited and fully harmonized analogue that can be used to analyze change over time, see HINSPUR. See the IPUMS health insurance page for a summary of health insurance variables in the ACS/PRCS.


This variable is not available for any of the currently selected samples.


This variable is available only for the 2008-2010 ACS and PRCS. Because the Census Bureau has applied different edits in different years, this variable is not comparable over time; see HINSPUR for a fully comparable variable.

Users should note that the ACS's measurement of health insurance differs from that of the Current Population Survey's measurement, which generally asks about coverage in the last week or the last year.


  • ACS, PRCS: All persons.


United States
Puerto Rico



Editing Procedure

There is no editing procedure available for this variable.