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7. Name (last name first):

What is the name of the head of household?
What are the names of all other persons who live here?
List in this order:
The head
His wife
Unmarried sons and daughters and their families (in order of age)
Married sons and daughters and their families
Other relatives
Other persons, such as lodgers, roomers, maids or hired hands who live in, and their relatives
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Item 7. Name

103. Item 7. List all members of household.-Enter in this column the name of each person whose usual place of residence is with the household. Be sure to include persons temporarily absent, and all children, even the very youngest. l)o not include persons visiting the family who have a usual place of residence elsewhere. See instructions on persons to be enumerated (pars. 68 to 80).

104. Definition of household.-A household is the entire group of persons who live in one dwelling unit. It may be several persons living together or one person living alone. It includes the household head and all his relatives living in the dwelling unit and also any lodgers, maids, and other persons not related to the head, who live there.

When you start to enumerate at each address, you will have to find out how many dwelling units there are so you will know how many different households you must list. Usually you will have no trouble in determining what is a separate dwelling unit; for example, a house or regular apartment occupied by a~ single family or by a person living alone is easily recognized as a separate dwelling unit. However, in a house converted to light housekeeping rooms or sleeping rooms, it may not be easy to determine what rooms, or groups of rooms, constitute one dwelling unit. Generally, a sleeping room is not a separate dwelling unit, but a room or group of rooms is a separate dwelling unit if it has separate cooking equipment. (See also "Dwelling unit," pars. 287 to 302.)

105. Order of entering names.-Some households will contain, in addition to the head of the household and his wife and children, other relatives, lodgers, employees, etc. Enter the names of each member of the household in the order specified on the schedule. If the husband is present in the household he will usually be listed ahead of his wife; but list as head the person regarded as the head by other members of the household. Unmarried children of the head should be listed ahead of the married (or widowed, divorced, or separated) children, the oldest unmarried child being listed first. When you are listing a married couple other than the head and his wife, always enter the name of the husband first.

106. How names are to be written.- Enter the last name, then the given name in full, and the initial of the middle name, if any. In those cases where a person usually writes his first initial and his middle name thus, ';P. Robert Brown," you should write "Brown, P. Robert," rather than "Brown, Peter R." Make certain that you have spelled each name correctly. Where the last name of the person being enumerated is the same as that of a member of the same household entered on the preceding line, do not repeat the name, but indicate it is the same as the one above by a long dash ---. For a new-born infant who does not have a given name, write "---, Infant."