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1940 1%
1940 1%
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State ________, Incorporated place ________. Ward of city _________; Unincorporated place [Name of unincorporated place having 100 or more inhabitants] _______________________. Enumeration District NO.___________. Supervisor?s District NO.__________. County _______________. Township or other division of county ________________________. Block Nos. ___________; Institution [Name of institution and lines on which entries are made] _________________________________.
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406. Township or Other Division of County.-Write not only the name or number by which the division of the county is know, but also the name of the class (as township, town, precinct, district, ward, beat, etc.) to which it belongs. For example: "Center township ("Center" alone is not enough); "Washington town;" "Austin precinct;" "Precinct 10;" etc. In this matter you should, in general, follow the description of your enumeration district as given on the inside cover of the portfolio.