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28-30. Current or most recent job activity

Describe clearly this person's chief job activity or business last week. If this person had more than one job, describe the one at which this person worked the most hours. If this person had no job or business last week, give information for last job or business since 1975.

29. Occupation

a. What kind of work was this person doing?


(For example: Registered nurse, personnel manager, supervisor of order department, gasoline engine assembler, grinder operator)

"Print two or more words to describe the kind of work the person does. If the person is a trainee, apprentice, or helper, include that in the description. Some examples of what is needed to make an answer acceptable are shown on the census form and here.

Unacceptable Acceptable
Clerk Production clerk
Helper Carpenter's helper
Mechanic Auto engine mechanic
Nurse Registered nurse
b. What were this person's most important activities or duties?


(For example: Patient care, directing hiring policies, supervising order clerks. assembling engines, operating grinding mill)

"Print the most important things that the person does on the job. Some examples are shown on the census form."