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1940 1%
1940 1%
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Income in 1939
(12 months ended December 31, 1939):

32. Amount of money wages or salary received (including commissions).
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584. Column 32. Amount of Money Wages or Salary Received.-This question must be answered for all persons 14 years and over except inmates of the institutions specified in paragraph 504. Enter an amount or a zero (0) in col. 32 for each person for whom the entry in col. 31 is one week or more. Enter "0" in col. 32 if the entry in col. 31 is "0" and for the cases specified in paragraph 590. Note that for persons who have worked for business profits, etc., rather than for money wages or salary during the year it is possible to have an entry of number of weeks worked in col. 31 and a "0" in col. 32.

585. Enter in col. 32 the total amount of money wages or salary (including commissions, tips, piece-rate payments, bonuses, etc.) paid in cash, or by check or draft, to each person for work done as an employee, including public emergency project work, in 1939. Do not include the earning of businessmen, farmers, or professional persons derived from business profits, sale of corps, or fees. Do not include as money wages or salary, income received from any of the sources listed in paragraphs 587 and 593. Enter the total amount of money wages or salary in terms of whole dollars, regarding sums of 50 to 99 cents as one dollar. For amounts above $5,000, enter "5,000+." This means that you are not to report the actual amount of money wages and salary for persons who have received more than $5,000. Keep this in mind in enumerating any household which seems likely to have an income above this amount. Some persons who might otherwise be reluctant to report wages or salary would be quite willing to do so if they learn that the amount above $5,000 need not be specified.

586. Include in total money wages or salary any amounts which have been deducted for Social Security purposes (e.g., Old Age Insurance, Railroad Retirement, or Unemployment Compensation). Include also all wages or salaries earned by administrative or project employees on any public emergency program (WPA, NYA, CCC, etc.) regardless of whether such wages or salaries were earned in the administrative offices of these programs or on projects.

587. Exclude from total money wages or salary the following:

a. Sums received as unemployment compensation, direct relief, or charity.
b. Income received in kind, such as living quarters, meals, supplies, etc., even though received as payment for work performed.
c. Sums received for travel and expenses incurred in travel.

588. In some instances, you will find that the housewife, or other member of the household who is furnishing you with the information, will not know the amount of money wages or salary on an annual basis. In such cases, obtain an approximation of the money wages or salary for the year by multiplying the number of weeks worked by the average salary per week. For example, a housewife may not know her husband's total money wages or salary for the year but may know that he worked 47 weeks during the year and that he earned $22.50 per week. In such a case, obtain the proper answer to this question, $1,058 in this case, by multiplying 47 (total weeks worked-the entry in col. 31) by $22.50 (average amount earned per week).