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1930 1%
1930 1%
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26. Industry: Industry or business, as cotton mill, dry goods store, shipyard, public school, etc..
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191. Column 26. Industry.-Make an entry in this column in all cases where an occupation is reported in column 25. But when the entry in column 25 is "none," leave column 26 blank. The entry in column 26, when made, should be the name of the industry, or the business, or the place in which this person works, as cotton mill, coal mine, dry-goods store, insurance office, bank, etc.

192. Never use the word "Company" in column 26. An "oil company," for example, may operate oil wells, or a pipe line, or an oil refinery, or a cottonseed oil mill, or it may be engaged in selling oil. Never enter in column 26 such indefinite terms as "factory," "mill," "shop," or "store," without stating the kind of factory, etc., as soap factory, cotton mill, blacksmith shop, grocery store. Likewise, never enter a firm name in column 26, as "Jones & Co.," but state the industry or business in which the person works, as coal mine, real estate, etc. Avoid entering the word "Contractor" in column 26. enter, instead, the name of the industry in which the person works, as building construction, street construction, etc.