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1950 1%
1950 1%
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20b. Industry:

What kind of business or industry was he working in?
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159. Item 20 consists of three parts: 20a. Occupation; 20b. Industry; and 20c. Class of worker.-There must be an entry in all three parts of this item for every person with an entry of "Wk" in item 15, or "Yes" in items 16, l7, or 18.

All three parts of the item (20a, 20b, and 20c) must refer to the same particular job or business.

Item 20b. Industry

170. Item 20b. What kind of business or industry was he working in?- Specific answer.--The answer should tell clearly and specifically the kind of business or industry in which this person worked. Your entry should give the exact activity being carried on in this business or industry; for example, wholesale shoe company, retail shoe store, shoe factory, shoe repair shop, etc.

171. Company names must not be used.-Company names, such as General Motors, DuPont) American Can Company, and Jones Company, must not be entered on the schedule.

172. How to report government agencies.-In the case of a government agency, the exact function must be given, such as State hospital, county road repair, and city grammar school. Where the agency's function is purely governmental, however, the name is acceptable, as United States Bureau of Internal Revenue or City License Board. In all cases, you must tell whether the agency is Federal (U. S.), State, city, county, etc.

173. How to report multiactivity businesses.-Some firms carry on more than one kind of business or industrial activity. If the activities are carried on in the same place, describe the major activity of the establishment. For example, a shoe factory has a store in the factory where damaged shoes are sold at retail at reduced prices; a salesman in this store should be reported in "Shoe factory" because the store is only a minor activity. If the activities are carried on in separate places, describe the business in which the person actually worked. For example, a miner working in a coal mine owned by a large steel company should be reported in "Coal mine."

174. How to distinguish between manufacturing and wholesaling.-Every manufacturing establishment sells its products, of course, but that does not make it a wholesale company. An establishment which produces products should be reported as a factory. For example, an establishment where hardware is made is a "Hardware factory." On the other hand, an establishment which buys hardware in large quantities for resale to retailers is a "Wholesale hardware company."

One type of establishment which you have to be careful to report correctly is a sales office set up by a manufacturing firm at a location away from the factory or headquarters of the firm. Frequently, these sales offices are in different cities from the firm's factory or headquarters. For example, a St. Louis shoe factory has a sales office in Chicago 7 the people working in the Chicago office should be reported as "Shoe manufacturer's sales office."

175. How to distinguish between wholesaling and retailing.-You must distinguish between the two kinds of businesses which specialize in selling. A wholesale establishment sells primarily to retailers, industrial users, or other wholesalers. A retail establishment sells primarily to individual customers.

176. How to report "home" business.-Some people carry on businesses in their own homes. Report these businesses just as if they were carried on in regular stores or shops. For example, dressmaking shop, lending library, retail antique furniture store, etc. (Note exception for laundry in par. 177 l below.)

177. Examples of industry entries.- The following list shows for a number of industries what is meant by clear and exact entries:

a. Agency.-Specify collection agency, advertising agency, real estate agency, employment agency, travel agency, etc.

b. Bakery.-Distinguish between a "wholesale bakery" which sells to grocers, restaurants, hotels, etc., and a "retail bakery" which sells only to private individuals

c. Box factory.-Specify paper box factory, wooden box factory, metal box factory, etc.

d. Club.-Specify golf club, fraternal club, night club, residence club, boarding house, etc.

e. Coal company.-Specify coal mine, retail coal yard, wholesale coal company, etc.

f. Credit company.-Specify credit rating company, loan company, retail credit clothing store, etc.

g. Engineering company.-Specify engineering consulting firm, general contracting company, wholesale heating equipment company, construction machinery factory, etc.

h. Express company.-Specify trucking company, rail way express agency, railroad car rental (for Fruit Growers Express Company, etc.), armored car service, etc.

i. Factory.-Specify steel rolling mill, hardware factory, aircraft factory, flour mill, hosiery mill, printing plant, etc.

j. Foundry.-Specify iron foundry, brass foundry, aluminum foundry, etc.

k. Fur company.-Specify fur dressing plant, fur garment factory, retail fur store, wholesale fur company, fur repair shop, etc.

l. Laundry.-Specify "own home" for a laundress working in her own home, and "private family" for a laundress working in the home of a private family. Specify "commercial laundry" for a person working in a steam laundry, hand laundry, Chinese laundry, French laundry, or similar establishment. Specify "self-service laundry" for a person working in an establishment where the customer brings her own laundry and pays a fee to use the washing machines (or other equipment).

m. Lumber company.-Specify sawmill, retail lumber yard) planing mill, logging camp, wholesale lumber company, etc.

n. Mill.-See "Factory," above.

o. Mine.-Specify coal mine, gold mine, bauxite mine, iron mine, copper mine, lead mine, marble quarry, etc.

p. Office.-Specify dentist's office, physician's office, public stenographer's office, steam railroad, life insurance company, etc.

q. Company.-Specify oil field, petroleum refinery, retail gasoline station, petroleum pipe line, wholesale oil company, etc.

r. Packing house.-Specify meat packing plant, fruit cannery, fruit packing house (wholesale packers and shippers), etc.

s. Pipe line.-Specify natural gas pipe line, gasoline pipe line, petroleum pipe line, pipe line construction, etc.

t. Plant.-See "Factory," above.

u. Plastic factory.-Distinguish between a "plastic materials factory" where plastic materials are made, and a "plastic products plant" where articles are actually manufactured from plastic materials.

v. Private club.-See "Club," above.

w. Public utility.-Specify electric light and power company, gas utility company, telephone company, water supply company, etc.

x.Railroad car shop.-Specify railroad car factory, steam railroad repair shop, street railroad repair shop, etc.

y. Rayon factory.-Distinguish between a "rayon chemical factory," where chemicals are made into rayon yarn, and a "rayon cloth mill," where the yarn is woven into cloth.

z.Repair shop.-Specify shoe repair shop, radio repair shop, blacksmith shop welding shop, auto repair shop, machine repair shop, etc.

aa. School.-Specify city elementary school, private kindergarten, private college, State university, etc.

ab. Tailor shop.-Distinguish between a "tailoring and cleaning shop" which provides a valet service and a "custom tailor shop" which makes clothes to customer's order.

ac. Terminal.-Specify bus terminal, railroad terminal, boat terminal, truck terminal, airport) etc.

ad. Textile mill.-Specify the major type of fiber used, as cotton cloth mill, woolen cloth mill, cotton yarn mill, rayon thread mill, etc.

ae. Transportation company.- Specify trucking company, moving and storage company, steamship company, air line, street railway, taxicab company, subway, elevated railway, steam railroad, petroleum pipe line, car loading company, etc.

af. Water company.-Specify water supply company, irrigation company, city water department, etc.

ag. Well.-Specify oil well, salt well, water well, etc.