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1940 1%
1940 1%
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State ________, Incorporated place ________. Ward of city _________; Unincorporated place [Name of unincorporated place having 100 or more inhabitants] _______________________. County _______________. Township or other division of county ________________________. Block Nos. ___________; Institution [Name of institution and lines on which entries are made] _________________________________.
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404. Name of Incorporated Place.-Write the name of the incorporated place, and indicate whether it is a city, town, village, or borough, in the heading of each sheet in the space provided.

405. Relation of Incorporated Place to Township in Which Located.-If any incorporated place forms a part of the township in which it is located, enter the name of the township as well as that of the incorporated place at the head of the sheet, each in the indicated space. If, on the other hand, the incorporated place is independent of any township, precinct, or other division of a county, enter a dash (-) in the space for the name of the township or other division of the county.