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1930 5%
1930 5%
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25. Occupation: Trade, profession, or particular kind of work, as spinner, salesman, riveter, teacher, etc..
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186. Column 25. Occupation.-An entry should be made in this column for every person enumerated. The entry should be either (1) the gainful occupation pursued-that is, the word or words which most accurately indicate the particular kind of gainful work done, as physician, carpenter, dressmaker, salesman, newsboy; or (2) none (that is, no gainful occupation). The entry none should be made in the case of persons who follow no gainful occupation. A "gainful occupation" in census usage is an occupation by which the person who pursues it earns money or a money equivalent, or in which he assists in the production of marketable goods. The term "gainful worker," as interpreted for census purposes, does not include women doing housework in their own homes, without wages, and having no other employment (see par. 194), nor children working at home, merely on general household work, on chores, or at odd times on other work.

187. Occasionally there will be doubt as to whether an occupation should be returned for a person who works only a small part of the time at the occupation. In such cases the rule may generally be followed that, unless the person spends at least the equivalent of one day per week at the occupation, he or she should not be returned as a gainful worker-that is, the entry in column 25 should be none.

188. Persons retired or incapacitated.-Care should be taken in making the return for persons who on account of old age, permanent invalidism, or other reasons are no longer following any occupation. Such persons may desire to return the occupations formerly followed, which would be incorrect. If living on their own income, or if they are supported by other persons or institutions, or if they work only occasionally or only a short time each day, the return should be none.

189. Occupation of persons unemployed.-On the other hand, persons out of employment when visited by the enumerator may state that they have no occupation, when the fact is that they usually have an occupation but happen to be idle or unemployed at the time of the visit. In such cases the return should be the occupation followed when the person is employed or the occupation in which last regularly employed, and the fact that the person was not at work should be recorded in column 28. (See par. 225).

190. Persons having two occupations.-If a person has two occupations, return only the more important one; that is, the one from which he gets the more money. If you can not learn that, return the one at which he spends the more time. For example: Return a man as a farmer if he gets more of his income from farming, although he may also fallow the occupation of a clergyman or preacher; but return him as a clergyman if he gets more of his income from that occupation.