Known Issues in the U.S. 1790-1840 Full Count Data

Below is year-specific documentation on some of the issues existing in the 1790-1840 datasets. There are many cases where household-level variables do not match the county totals. Some of the issues will be corrected for the final release, but others are permanent issues in the data. Please email if you find data errors or issues that are not covered in this documentation or if you have any questions.

Household-Level Data Completely or Partially Missing by Year
Year # of Households* States Counties Partial Counties
1790 11,572
1800 3,327
1810 -
1820 6,937 -
1830 14,210 - -
1840 47,796 - - -
*Some households have no data due to illegibility and may appear to have zero people living in them. This number does not include households that are missing due to a lack of data from a particular state or county.
**Washington County, Ohio is the only area available in the Northwest Territory in 1800.
***Van Buren, Michigan is in the data but is only one household and is not identified in Van Buren County.
****These areas in Oxford, Maine are included in the data but not identified because of multiple geography descriptions on enumeration sheets.







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