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What is IPUMS Abacus?

Screenshot of an Abacus tabulation

For exploring IPUMS USA data and metadata

Create frequency tables, crosstabulations, compare across two time points, define subpopulations all without creating a data extract. Explore variable descriptions, comparability, and questionnaire text from your phone while working with a traditional IPUMS USA data extract on your computer or laptop.

For mobile devices

IPUMS Abacus is designed with mobile devices in mind, providing output as a nested-crosstabulation for better viewing on a screen that is taller than it is wide.

Variables are also limited to those that fit best with the current IPUMS Abacus format. Variables like age and measures of income have been binned based on how summary tables produced by the Census Bureau tend to aggregate values to limit the number of unique categories.

In need of beta testers (that's you!)

As this is still a beta release, things may still break and lots of changes/improvements are yet to come. But it would be enormously helpful if you would take some time to test out IPUMS Abacus and provide feedback on things that are broken, areas for improvement, and how you are using this new tool.

Please let us know at ipums@umn.edu or on our user forum.

Here are some questions we explored using IPUMS Abacus:

Clicking on a question will take you to the IPUMS Abacus table that we constructed to try and answer them.

What questions are you answering with IPUMS Abacus? Let us know!

IPUMS Abacus is currently limited to a maximum of two variables and two time points for a single tabulation, but we hope to be able to remove these limitations in the future. Also, while IPUMS Abacus was developed for use on mobile devices, it does also work on laptop or desktop computers.

Beyond generating tabulations for one or two variables, some other key features of IPUMS Abacus include:

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