Restricted Full Count IPUMS Data


The IPUMS full count data collection has been made possible through collaborations between IPUMS and genealogical organizations, with funding from the National Institutes of Health and the National Science Foundation. The majority of the data were transcribed by and shared with IPUMS under a data agreement that allows us to disseminate the data to the research community in two versions. (1) Full count data are freely available from IPUMS USA for research and educational purposes, but these data are all coded and do not contain names. (2) Users who need string variables—such as name, street address, or other raw variables used to create the coded data—can apply to use a restricted version of the data.


Steven Ruggles, Matt A. Nelson, Matthew Sobek, Catherine A. Fitch, Ronald Goeken, J. David Hacker, Evan Roberts, and J. Robert Warren. IPUMS Ancestry Full Count Data: Version 4.0 [dataset]. Minneapolis, MN: IPUMS, 2024. doi:10.18128/D014.V4.0R


We offer three options for access to the restricted data. All options below require completing an application. The 100% and 20% licenses require a data security plan and a data agreement signed by an institutional representative. Please contact us at for more information and license availability.

License Fees

Starting in July 2024, annual fees will be required to maintain an active license. The time required to support the restricted licenses is taking away from time on data improvements, and fees will provide ongoing support to manage data licenses and user queries. We are finalizing the details, and will coordinate with institutional contacts to reduce interruption to researchers with access under current licenses. Fees will be scaled with the number of approved researchers accessing the data at your institution.

Application Process

A general overview of application requirements is below. Contact to request application materials or ask questions.

New Licenses

  1. Data Application: This is the general data application where you will specify the institutional contact (a higher-level representative of the department or institution where the data are housed), the agreement contract (person responsible for day-to-day management of the data), and the data security plan.
  2. Research Project Application: This describes the proposed research project and must be submitted for each separate project under the license.
  3. Researcher Agreement: This agreement must be signed by each researcher accessing data under a license; researchers working on multiple projects under the same license only need to complete one researcher agreement.
  4. Institutional Agreement: The form finalizes the agreement and requires signatures from the institutional representative and IPUMS. This form is only signed once the data security plan, application, and projects have all been approved.

Existing Licenses

Additional Details

Researcher Terms

All approved researchers using the restricted IPUMS Ancestry full count data collection have agreed to the following terms:

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