Table 2
1960 Relationship Codes (Complete Listing)

Character Item and data Code
[Column] Descriptor name [Value] Description of codes
P1 Basic relationship HEADRELA 0 Head of household
1 Wife of head
2 Son or daughter of head
3 Other relative of head
4 Roomer, boarder, or lodger
5 Patient or inmate
6 Other not related to head
P2 Detailed relationship of persons in households HEADRELB - Head, wife, or child not in subfamily, or GQ
1 Grandson or granddaughter
2 Father or mother or stepparent
3 Father-in-law or mother-in-law
4 Brother or sister or stepbrother or stepsister
5 Brother- or sister-in-law
6 Other relative
7 Partner or friend
8 Roomer, boarder, or lodger
9 Resident employee
Source: United States Bureau of the Census, Technical Documentation for the 1960 Public Use Sample, Inter-university Consortium for Political and Social Research (ICPSR) edition, 1973.