1960 Industry Codes

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This page presents the 1960 sample industrial classification system recorded in the IPUMS variable IND. The page shows each industrial category and its corresponding IND code. The industries are organized into several large groupings (e.g., agriculture). In addition to this contemporary system, the IPUMS codes all census years into the 1950 industrial classification scheme, recording them in the variable IND1950.

Note: The 1960 PUMS Industry codes were designed to correspond directly to the 1970 PUMS Industry codes insofar as possible. The original 1960 census classification system was less detailed than was the 1970 PUMS system. All 1960 codes ending in "6" represent cases where the 1960 category contains more than one 1970 category. (For fuller understanding, compare the 1960 with the 1970 PUMS Industry codes.)

Industrial Category
IND Industry
Not Applicable
000 N/A (not applicable)
Agriculture, Forestry, and Fisheries
016 Agriculture
027 Forestry
028 Fisheries
047 Metal mining
048 Coal mining
049 Crude petroleum and natural gas extractions
057 Nonmetallic mining and quarrying, except fuel
066 All construction
Durable Goods
- Lumber and wood products, except furniture:
107 Logging
108 Sawmills, planing mills, and mill work
109 Miscellaneous wood products
118 Furniture and fixtures
- Stone, clay, and glass products:
119 Glass and glass products
127 Cement, concrete, gypsum, and plaster products
128 Structural clay products
137 Pottery and related products
138 Miscellaneous nonmetallic mineral and stone products
- Metal industries:
139 Blast furnaces, steelworks, rolling and finishing mills
146 Primary nonferrous industries
147 Other primary iron and steel industries
157 Cutlery, hand tools, and other hardware
158 Fabricated structural metal products
166 Miscellaneous fabricated metal products
169 Metal industries, n.s.
- Machinery, except electrical:
176 Miscellaneous machinery
178 Farm machinery and equipment
186 Office, computing and accounting machines
206 Electrical machinery, equipment, and supplies
- Transportation equipment:
219 Motor vehicles and motor vehicle equipment
227 Aircraft and parts
228 Ship and boat building and repairing
236 Railroad and miscellaneous transportation equipment
- Professional and photographic equipment, and watches:
246 Professional equipment and supplies
248 Photographic equipment and supplies
249 Watches, clocks, and clockwork-operated devices
259 Miscellaneous manufacturing industries
Nondurable Goods
- Food and kindred products:
268 Meat products
269 Dairy products
278 Canning and preserving fruits, vegetables, and seafoods
279 Grain-mill products
287 Bakery products
288 Confectionery and related products
289 Beverage industries
293 Food industries, n.s.
297 Miscellaneous food preparation and kindred products
299 Tobacco manufacturers
- Textile mill products:
307 Knitting mills
308 Dyeing and finishing textiles, except wool and knit goods
309 Floor coverings, except hard surface
317 Yarn, thread, and fabric mills
318 Miscellaneous textile mill products
- Apparel and other fabricated textile products:
319 Apparel and accessories
327 Miscellaneous fabricated textile products
- Paper and allied products:
328 Pulp, paper, and paperboard mills
329 Miscellaneous paper and pulp products
337 Paperboard containers and boxes
- Printing, publishing, and allied industries:
338 Newspaper publishing and printing
339 Printing, publishing, and allied industries, except newspapers
- Chemicals and allied products:
346 Miscellaneous chemicals and allied products
349 Synthetic fibers
357 Drugs and medicines
359 Paints, varnishes, and related products
- Petroleum and coal products:
377 Petroleum refining
378 Miscellaneous petroleum and coal products
- Rubber and miscellaneous plastic products:
379 Rubber products
387 Miscellaneous plastic products
- Leather and leather products:
388 Tanned, curried, and finished leather
389 Footwear, except rubber
397 Leather products, except footwear
398 Manufacturing, n.s.
Transportation, Communication, and Other Public Utilities
407 Railroads and railway express service
408 Street railways and bus lines
409 Taxicab service
417 Trucking service
418 Warehousing and storage
419 Water transportation
427 Air transportation
428 Pipe lines, except natural gas
429 Services incidental to transportation
447 Radio broadcasting and television
448 Telephone (wire and radio)
449 Telegraph and miscellaneous communication services
Utilities and sanitary services:
467 Electric light and power
468 Electric-gas utilities
469 Gas and steam supply systems
477 Water supply
478 Sanitary services
479 Other and not specified utilities
Wholesale and Retail Trade
Wholesale trade:
507 Motor vehicles and equipment
508 Drugs, chemicals, and allied products
509 Dry goods and apparel
527 Food and related products
528 Farm products--raw materials
536 Electrical goods, hardware, and plumbing equipment
539 Machinery equipment and supplies
558 Petroleum products
566 Miscellaneous wholesale trade
588 Wholesale trade, n.s.
Retail trade:
607 Lumber and building material retailing
608 Hardware and farm equipment stores
617 Limited price variety stores
626 General merchandise retailing
629 Dairy products stores
636 Food stores except dairy products
646 Motor vehicle and accessory retailing
648 Gasoline service station
657 Apparel and accessories stores, except shoe stores
658 Shoe stores
667 Furniture and home furnishing stores
668 Household appliances, TV, and radio stores
669 Eating and drinking places
677 Drug stores
678 Liquor stores
687 Jewelry stores
688 Fuel and ice dealers
689 Retail florists
696 Miscellaneous retail stores
698 Retail trade, n.s.
Finance, Insurance, and Real Estate
706 Banking and credit agencies
709 Security, commodity brokerage, and investment companies
717 Insurance
718 Real estate, including real estate-insurance-law offices
Business and Repair Services
727 Advertising
736 Miscellaneous business services
756 Automobile repair services and garages
766 Miscellaneous repair services
Personal Services
769 Private households
776 Hotels and lodging places
779 Laundering, cleaning, and other garment services
786 Barber and beauty shops
789 Shoe repair shops
797 Dressmaking shops
798 Miscellaneous personal services
Entertainment and Recreation Services
807 Theaters and motion pictures
808 Bowling alleys, billiard and pool parlors
809 Miscellaneous entertainment and recreation services
Professional and Related Services
826 Medical and other health services, except hospital
838 Hospitals
849 Legal services
856 Educational services
876 Welfare and religious services
887 Nonprofit membership organizations
888 Engineering and architectural services
889 Accounting, auditing, and bookkeeping services
897 Miscellaneous professional and related services
Public Administration
907 Postal service
917 Federal public administration
927 State public administration
937 Local public administration
Workers Not Classifiable by Industry
999 Industry not reported

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