Relationship between RACE and RACESING codes

The Excel spreadsheet linked below shows how the codes in the RACE variable were converted into the coding scheme used in the RACESING variable. For single-race responses, the relationship between RACE and RACESING codes is a straightforward data translation. For example, an individual who reported that they were Black would be given a RACE code 200 and a RACESING code of 20.

For multiple-race responses, the table below shows the range of possible destination categories for each combination of racial responses. For example, a person who indicates that they are both Black and White (code 801 in the RACE variable) could either end up being classified as Black (code 20) or White (code 10) in the RACESING variable.

The RACESING variable description contains more information about the process used to assign a single race to multi-race individuals.

Excel spreadsheet showing the relationship between RACE and RACESING