The Census of 1900

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Schedule No. 1 - Population.

State __________, County ________________.
Township or other division of county [Insert name of township, town, precinct, district, or other civil division, as the case may be] ______.
Name of institution, _____________________.
Name of incorporated city, town, or village within the above-named division, ___________.
Ward of city, ___________________________.
Enumerated by me on the __ day of June, 1900, ____________________________, Enumerator.

  1. Location:
    In cities: street; house number

    Number of dwelling-houses in the order of visitation
  2. Number of family, in order of visitation
  3. Name of each person whose place of abode on June 1, 1900, was in this family. Enter surname first, then the given name and middle initial, if any. Include every person living on June 1, 1900. Omit children born since June 1, 1900
  4. Relationship of this person to the head of the family
    Personal description:
  5. Color or race
  6. Sex
  7. Date of birth: month, year
  8. Age at last birthday
  9. Whether single, married, widowed, or divorced
  10. Number of years married
  11. Mother of how many children
  12. Number of these children living
    Place of birth of each person and parents of each person enumerated. If born in the United States, give the State or Territory; if of foreign birth, give the Country only.
  13. Place of birth of this person
  14. Place of birth of father of this person
  15. Place of birth of mother of this person
  16. Year of immigration to the United States
  17. Number of years in the United States
  18. Naturalization
    Occupation, Trade or Profession:
    Of each person ten years of age and over:
  19. Occupation
  20. Months not employed
  21. Attended school (in months)
  22. Can read
  23. Can write
  24. Can speak English
    Ownership of Home:
  25. Owned or rented
  26. Owned free or mortgaged
  27. Farm or house
  28. Number of farm schedule.

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