UWSC Municipio Codes, 1910-1930

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This page lists the numeric codes used in the variable PRCOUNTY, which uses a University of Wisconsin Survey Center (UWSC) internal coding scheme. Municipios are the primary geographical division in Puerto Rico. For statistical Purposes, the Census Bureau treats municipios as the statistical equivalents of U.S. counties. In the 1910, 1920, and 1930 censuses, there were, respectively, 68, 76, and 77 municipios in Puerto Rico. The variable, PRCOUNTA offers an alphabetic version of the Puerto Rican municipios for these years.

Puerto Rican Municipio Codes and Sample Availability

An 'x' indicates that the municipio code was available in the specified Puerto Rico census year. A '-' indicates the municipio code was not available in that census year.

Code County 1910 1920 1930
1 Adjuntas x x x
2 Aguada x x x
3 Aguadilla x x x
4 Aguas Buenas x x x
5 Aibonito x x x
6 Anasco x x x
7 Arecibo x x x
8 Arroyo x x x
9 Barceloneta x x x
10 Barranquitas x x x
11 Barros x x x
12 Bayamon x x x
13 Cabo Rojo x x x
14 Caguas x x x
15 Camuy x x x
16 Carolina x x x
17 Cayey x x x
18 Ciales x x x
19 Cidra x x x
20 Coamo x x x
21 Comerio x x x
22 Corozal x x x
23 Culebra x x x
24 Dorado x x x
25 Fajardo x x x
26 Guayama x x x
27 Guayanilla x x x
28 Gurabo x x x
29 Hatillo x x x
30 Humacao x x x
31 Isabela x x x
32 Juana Diaz x x x
33 Juncos x x x
34 Lajas x x x
35 Lares x x x
36 Las Marias x x x
37 Loiza x x x
38 Manati x x x
39 Maricao x x x
40 Maunabo x x x
41 Mayaguez x x x
42 Moca x x x
43 Morovis x x x
44 Naguabo x x x
45 Naranijito x x x
46 Patillas x x x
47 Penuelas x x x
48 Ponce x x x
49 Quebradillas x x x
50 Rincon x x x
51 Rio Grande x x x
52 Rio Piedras x x x
53 Sabana Grande x x x
54 Salinas x x x
55 San German x x x
56 San Juan x x x
57 San Lorenzo x x x
58 San Sebastian x x x
59 Santa Isabel x x x
60 Toa Alta x x x
61 Toa Baja x x x
62 Trujillo Alto x x x
63 Utuado x x x
64 Vega Alta x x x
65 Vega Baja x x x
66 Vieques x x x
67 Yabucoa x x x
68 Yauco x x x
69 Ceiba - x x
70 Guanica - x x
71 Guaynabo - x x
72 Hormigueros - x x
73 Jayuya - x x
74 Las Piedras - x x
75 Luquillo - x x
76 Villalba - x x
77 Catano - - x

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