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IPUMS USA GIS Boundary Files

The links below provide digital boundary files in shapefile format within compressed .zip files.

Information about each file's source and contents is provided in the shapefile metadata, supplied in an XML document in each .zip file, in the ArcGIS metadata format. To view the metadata in Esri ArcGIS Pro, right-click on a shapefile name in a Catalog window and select View Metadata.

Public Use Microdata Areas (PUMAs) and County Groups

2020 versions (ACS/PRCS samples, 2022-2031):

2010 versions (2010 decennial census and ACS/PRCS samples, 2012-2021):

2000 versions (2000 decennial census and ACS/PRCS samples, 2005-2011):

Earlier versions (2000 TIGER/Line Basis*):

*IPUMS USA boundary files are derived from the IPUMS NHGIS shapefiles, which are in turn based on U.S. Census Bureau TIGER/Line files. The "TIGER/Line Basis" year identifies the version of TIGER/Line files from which we derived our boundaries; this can differ from the year of the geographic boundary definitions or the year of the corresponding census or ACS data. E.g., the file that provides 2010 PUMAs with a 2020 TIGER/Line Basis represents 2010 PUMAs—not 2020 PUMAs—based on data from the 2020 TIGER/Line release. Because the Census Bureau regularly makes accuracy improvements to TIGER/Line features between releases, boundaries derived from different TIGER/Line releases are not consistently comparable with each other.

Consistent PUMAs (ConsPUMAs)

State Economic Areas

States, Counties & Other Areas

The National Historical Geographic Information System (NHGIS), another IPUMS project, provides boundary files for states and counties from 1790 through the present, and for many other geographic levels in more recent years.

To join IPUMS USA data with NHGIS boundary files:

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