Pre-2017 IPUMS-USA Constructed Family Pointers and Related Variables

In 2017, IPUMS-USA updated its methods for constructing the family interrelationship variables SPLOC, MOMLOC, POPLOC, MOMRULE, and POPRULE, as well as added new variables, MOMLOC2, POPLOC2, MOM2RULE, and POP2RULE for samples from 1970 onward. These changes in constructed family interrelationship variables also affect several other constructed variables that depend on these pointers. These variables are NCOUPLES, NFAMS, NFATHERS, NMOTHERS, NCHILD, NCHLT5, NSIBS, ELDCH, YNGCH, FAMSIZE, and FAMUNIT. The files below include the previous version of the family pointers and affected family interrelationship variables. Users should note that the family pointer update resulted in SPRULE, MOMRULE, and POPRULE being split into SPRULE, MOMRULE, and POPRULE for samples from 1970 forward and SPRULE_HIST, MOMRULE_HIST, and POPRULE_HIST for samples prior to 1970. The *RULE variables included in the files below are called SPRULE, MOMRULE, and POPRULE, but are the conceptual equivalent of SPRULE_HIST, MOMRULE_HIST, and POPRULE_HIST in the currently available data. The unique identifiers are SERIAL and PERNUM.

Pre-2017 Family Pointers and Pointer-dependent Variables

2015 Samples
Text (comma delimited) Stata SAS SPSS
2015 ACS us2015a.csv us2015a.dta us2015a.sas7bdat us2015a.sav
2015 PRCS us2015b.csv us2015b.dta us2015b.sas7bdat us2015b.sav
2015 ACS 5-year sample us2015c.csv us2015c.dta us2015c.sas7bdat us2015c.sav
2015 PRCS 5-year sample us2015d.csv us2015d.dta us2015d.sas7bdat us2015d.sav
2014 Samples
Text (comma delimited) Stata SAS SPSS
2014 ACS us2014a.csv us2014a.dta us2014a.sas7bdat us2014a.sav
2014 PRCS us2014b.csv us2014b.dta us2014b.sas7bdat us2014b.sav
2014 ACS 5-year sample us2014c.csv us2014c.dta us2014c.sas7bdat us2014c.sav
2014 PRCS 5-year sample us2014d.csv us2014d.dta us2014d.sas7bdat us2014d.sav
2013 Samples
Text (comma delimited) Stata SAS SPSS
2013 ACS us2013a.csv us2013a.dta us2013a.sas7bdat us2013a.sav
2013 PRCS us2013b.csv us2013b.dta us2013b.sas7bdat us2013b.sav
2013 ACS 3-year sample us2013c.csv us2013c.dta us2013c.sas7bdat us2013c.sav
2013 PRCS 3-year sample us2013d.csv us2013d.dta us2013d.sas7bdat us2013d.sav
2013 ACS 5-year sample us2013e.csv us2013e.dta us2013e.sas7bdat us2013e.sav
2013 PRCS 5-year sample us2013f.csv us2013f.dta us2013f.sas7bdat us2013f.sav
2012 Samples
Text (comma delimited) Stata SAS SPSS
2012 ACS us2012a.csv us2012a.dta us2012a.sas7bdat us2012a.sav
2012 PRCS us2012b.csv us2012b.dta us2012b.sas7bdat us2012b.sav
2012 ACS 3-year sample us2012c.csv us2012c.dta us2012c.sas7bdat us2012c.sav
2012 PRCS 3-year sample us2012d.csv us2012d.dta us2012d.sas7bdat us2012d.sav
2012 ACS 5-year sample us2012e.csv us2012e.dta us2012e.sas7bdat us2012e.sav
2012 PRCS 5-year sample us2012f.csv us2012f.dta us2012f.sas7bdat us2012f.sav
2011 Samples
Text (comma delimited) Stata SAS SPSS
2011 ACS us2011a.csv us2011a.dta us2011a.sas7bdat us2011a.sav
2011 PRCS us2011b.csv us2011b.dta us2011b.sas7bdat us2011b.sav
2011 ACS 3-year sample us2011c.csv us2011c.dta us2011c.sas7bdat us2011c.sav
2011 PRCS 3-year sample us2011d.csv us2011d.dta us2011d.sas7bdat us2011d.sav
2011 ACS 5-year sample us2011e.csv us2011e.dta us2011e.sas7bdat us2011e.sav
2011 PRCS 5-year sample us2011f.csv us2011f.dta us2011f.sas7bdat us2011f.sav
2010 Samples
Text (comma delimited) Stata SAS SPSS
2010 ACS us2010a.csv us2010a.dta us2010a.sas7bdat us2010a.sav
2010 PRCS us2010b.csv us2010b.dta us2010b.sas7bdat us2010b.sav
2010 ACS 3-year sample us2010c.csv us2010c.dta us2010c.sas7bdat us2010c.sav
2010 PRCS 3-year sample us2010d.csv us2010d.dta us2010d.sas7bdat us2010d.sav
2010 ACS 5-year sample us2010e.csv us2010e.dta us2010e.sas7bdat us2010e.sav
2010 PRCS 5-year sample us2010f.csv us2010f.dta us2010f.sas7bdat us2010f.sav
2009 Samples
Text (comma delimited) Stata SAS SPSS
2009 ACS us2009a.csv us2009a.dta us2009a.sas7bdat us2009a.sav
2009 PRCS us2009b.csv us2009b.dta us2009b.sas7bdat us2009b.sav
2009 ACS 3-year sample us2009c.csv us2009c.dta us2009c.sas7bdat us2009c.sav
2009 PRCS 3-year sample us2009d.csv us2009d.dta us2009d.sas7bdat us2009d.sav
2009 ACS 5-year sample us2009e.csv us2009e.dta us2009e.sas7bdat us2009e.sav
2009 PRCS 5-year sample us2009f.csv us2009f.dta us2009f.sas7bdat us2009f.sav
2008 Samples
Text (comma delimited) Stata SAS SPSS
2008 ACS us2008a.csv us2008a.dta us2008a.sas7bdat us2008a.sav
2008 PRCS us2008b.csv us2008b.dta us2008b.sas7bdat us2008b.sav
2008 ACS 3-year sample us2008c.csv us2008c.dta us2008c.sas7bdat us2008c.sav
2008 PRCS 3-year sample us2008d.csv us2008d.dta us2008d.sas7bdat us2008d.sav
2007 Samples
Text (comma delimited) Stata SAS SPSS
2007 ACS us2007a.csv us2007a.dta us2007a.sas7bdat us2007a.sav
2007 PRCS us2007b.csv us2007b.dta us2007b.sas7bdat us2007b.sav
2007 ACS 3-year sample us2007c.csv us2007c.dta us2007c.sas7bdat us2007c.sav
2007 PRCS 3-year sample us2007d.csv us2007d.dta us2007d.sas7bdat us2007d.sav
2001-2006 Samples
Text (comma delimited) Stata SAS SPSS
2006 ACS us2006a.csv us2006a.dta us2006a.sas7bdat us2006a.sav
2006 PRCS us2006b.csv us2006b.dta us2006b.sas7bdat us2006b.sav
2005 ACS us2005a.csv us2005a.dta us2005a.sas7bdat us2005a.sav
2005 PRCS us2005b.csv us2005b.dta us2005b.sas7bdat us2005b.sav
2004 ACS us2004a.csv us2004a.dta us2004a.sas7bdat us2004a.sav
2003 ACS us2003a.csv us2003a.dta us2003a.sas7bdat us2003a.sav
2002 ACS us2002a.csv us2002a.dta us2002a.sas7bdat us2002a.sav
2001 ACS us2001a.csv us2001a.dta us2001a.sas7bdat us2001a.sav
2000 Samples
Text (comma delimited) Stata SAS SPSS
2000 ACS us2000d.csv us2000d.dta us2000d.sas7bdat us2000d.sav
2000 5% us2000a.csv us2000a.dta us2000a.sas7bdat us2000a.sav
2000 1% sample (old version) us2000b.csv us2000b.dta us2000b.sas7bdat us2000b.sav
2000 Unweighted 1% us2000c.csv us2000c.dta us2000c.sas7bdat us2000c.sav
2000 Puerto Rico 5% us2000e.csv us2000e.dta us2000e.sas7bdat us2000e.sav
2000 Puerto Rico 1% sample (old version) us2000f.csv us2000f.dta us2000f.sas7bdat us2000f.sav
2000 1% us2000g.csv us2000g.dta us2000g.sas7bdat us2000g.sav
2000 Puerto Rico 1% us2000h.csv us2000h.dta us2000h.sas7bdat us2000h.sav
1990 Samples
Text (comma delimited) Stata SAS SPSS
1990 5% us1990a.csv us1990a.dta us1990a.sas7bdat us1990a.sav
1990 1% us1990b.csv us1990b.dta us1990b.sas7bdat us1990b.sav
1990 Unweighted 1% us1990c.csv us1990c.dta us1990c.sas7bdat us1990c.sav
1990 Elderly us1990d.csv us1990d.dta us1990d.sas7bdat us1990d.sav
1990 Labor Market Area us1990e.csv us1990e.dta us1990e.sas7bdat us1990e.sav
1990 Puerto Rico 5% us1990f.csv us1990f.dta us1990f.sas7bdat us1990f.sav
1990 Puerto Rico 1% us1990g.csv us1990g.dta us1990g.sas7bdat us1990g.sav
1980 Samples
Text (comma delimited) Stata SAS SPSS
1980 5% us1980a.csv us1980a.dta us1980a.sas7bdat us1980a.sav
1980 1% us1980b.csv us1980b.dta u1980b.sas7bdat us1980b.sav
1980 Urban/Rural us1980c.csv us1980c.dta us1980c.sas7bdat us1980c.sav
1980 Labor Market Area us1980d.csv us1980d.dta us1980d.sas7bdat us1980d.sav
1980 Detailed metro/non-metro us1980e.csv us1980e.dta us1980e.sas7bdat us1980e.sav
1980 Puerto Rico 5% us1980f.csv us1980f.dta us1980f.sas7bdat us1980f.sav
1980 Puerto Rico 1% us1980g.csv us1980g.dta us1980g.sas7bdat us1980g.sav
1970 Samples
Text (comma delimited) Stata SAS SPSS
1970 Form 1 State us1970a.csv us1970a.dta us1970a.sas7bdat us1970a.sav
1970 Form 2 State us1970b.csv us1970b.dta us1970b.sas7bdat us1970b.sav
1970 Form 1 Metro us1970c.csv us1970c.dta us1970c.sas7bdat us1970c.sav
1970 Form 2 Metro us1970d.csv us1970d.dta us1970d.sas7bdat us1970d.sav
1970 Form 1 Neighborhood us1970e.csv us1970e.dta us1970e.sas7bdat us1970e.sav
1970 Form 2 Neighborhood us1970f.csv us1970f.dta us1970f.sas7bdat us1970f.sav
1970 Puerto Rico State us1970h.csv us1970h.dta us1970h.sas7bdat us1970h.sav
1970 Puerto Rico Municipio us1970i.csv us1970i.dta us1970i.sas7bdat us1970i.sav
1970 Puerto Rico Neighborhood us1970j.csv us1970j.dta us1970j.sas7bdat us1970j.sav

A brief overview of the new IPUMS-USA family pointers can be found here.

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