2010 Migration PUMA Definitions

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The 2010 definitions of Migration Public Use Microdata Areas (Migration PUMAs) are used in 2012-2021 ACS and PRCS samples to identify where respondents moved from. See the MIGPUMA1 variable description for more information.

The 2005-2011 ACS and PRCS samples use 2000 Migration PUMA definitions. In Multi-Year ACS/PRCS files, PUMA boundaries depend on the year the respondent was interviewed. (See MULTYEAR.) For example, in the 2010-2012 3-year ACS sample, responses from 2010 and 2011 use 2000 definitions of Migration PUMAs, while responses from 2012 use 2010 definitions.

Composition and Relationship Files

For relationships between 2000 PUMAs and Migration PUMAs, see the 2000 Migration PUMAs resource page.

Map of 2010 and 2000 Migration PUMAs

Zooming into an area of interest on the map below will show both the 2010 (in blue) and 2000 (in orange) Migration PUMAs. Gray lines represent County boundaries. Clicking on an area will highlight and describe the 2010 Migration PUMA, 2000 Migration PUMA, and county associated with the selected area. You can select which boundaries you want to view using the Layers menu at the top of the map.

There is also a larger map containing the same information.

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Boundary File

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