Consistent PUMAs for 1980-2010: Detailed Composition and Boundary Files

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Detailed composition of Consistent PUMAs (CONSPUMA):

The "Consistent PUMA" variable (CONSPUMA) identifies the most detailed consistently identifiable unit of geography in the 2005-onward American Community Survey samples and the 5% samples from 1980, 1990, and 2000. More information about the CONSPUMA variable is available via the variable description.

The CONSPUMA component file is an Excel spreadsheet showing which PUMAs and County Groups comprise each CONSPUMA code for each year. The specific counties, places, and tracts that make up each PUMA and County Group code are listed on the following pages: 1980 County Groups, 1990 PUMAs, 2000-2010 PUMAs.

Boundary files for Consistent PUMAs (CONSPUMA):

CONSPUMA boundary files are available for download in .zip format for the Continental United States, Alaska, and Hawaii.