State Economic Areas in 1950 and Earlier Samples

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The links below provide listings of the counties that constitute each State Economic Area (SEA) or combined SEA, as identified by the SEA variable. The codes reported by the SEA variable may correspond either to a single original SEA or to an aggregation of multiple SEAs, combined in order to meet a minimum population threshold for each reported code. Combined SEAs lie within a single state, but they need not be contiguous.

The SEA variable is available for all samples from 1850 to 1950, and each SEA code corresponds to the same set of counties in all years. The boundaries of identified areas vary somewhat across time in accordance with any changes in the boundaries of the component counties.

A complete list of SEA codes with FIPS codes for the corresponding counties is also available as an Excel spreadsheet in this SEA county components file.

Boundary Files

All boundary files are provided as shapefiles within .ZIP files.

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