IPUMS 4.0 Released!

April 11, 2008

We are very pleased to announce IPUMS 4.0, the first major revision of the IPUMS files since 2004. For many of the files, these are the first improvements to the data since their original production in the 1990s. The new release includes many new samples, new variables, and dataset improvements.

IPUMS 4.0 includes the following 14 previously un-available samples:

These new datasets include approximately fifty new variables and hundreds of variables that have been integrated with all other IPUMS samples. Additional information on all new samples is available via the sample descriptions page and the sample designs page.

In addition to these new datasets, all existing files from the U.S. censuses of 1850-1930 underwent a series of improvements resulting in a small number of corrected values, the addition and subtraction of small numbers of cases, and the addition of numerous variables.

Improvements and additions to IPUMS 4.0 files include:

The most recent version of IPUMS 3.0 data and documentation is still available via the IPUMS archive page at ICPSR. The archive page permits users to revise old extracts, create new extracts, and download data and documentation. The link titled "IPUMS-USA website as of March, 2008" leads to a fully-functioning mirror of the IPUMS website as it existed prior the release of IPUMS 4.0. The archive page contains versions of the website from previous years as well.

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