0010 ConsPUMA Definitions

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The CPUMA0010 variable supplies codes for the 0010 version of ConsPUMAs (Consistent Public Use Microdata Areas). Each 0010 ConsPUMA is an aggregation of one or more 2010 PUMAs (Public Use Microdata Areas) that, in combination, align closely (within a 1% population error tolerance) with a corresponding set of 2000 PUMAs.

The 0010 ConsPUMAs are effectively the smallest geographic units that can be consistently identified from the geographic codes available in U.S. Census PUMS from 2000 and later (until 2020 PUMAs take effect sometime after the 2020 Census).

A separate variable, CONSPUMA, identifies sets of 1980, 1990, and 2000 PUMAs that comprise comparable populations for samples from 1980 through 2011.

Interactive Maps

Composition and Relationship Files

Details on the composition of 0010 ConsPUMAs are provided in Excel spreadsheets via the following links. Each file contains two worksheets: the first contains the main table, and a second "data_dictionary" sheet describes the data fields in the main table.

For the specific counties, places, and tracts that comprise each PUMA, see the composition pages for 2000 PUMAs and 2010 PUMAs.

Boundary File


To construct the 0010 ConsPUMA boundary file and to determine associations between 2000 blocks and 2010 PUMAs and between 2010 blocks and 2000 PUMAs (for the computation of populations and mismatch errors), we used NHGIS boundary files based on U.S. Census 2010 TIGER/Line files. The 2010 TIGER/Line files do not include data for 2000 or 2010 PUMAs, so we constructed those areas by dissolving the polygons of PUMA component units.

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